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A Magical Island Kingdom
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Unlike the mythical Land of Oz; The Magical Island Kingdom of Galveston actually does exist!! It is located on the eastern end of Galveston Island, in the area bounded by the Gulf of Mexico on the South, The Ship Channel on the East, Galveston Harbor on the North and 39th Street on the West. In this roughly 10 square mile area, there is a rare convergence of very unique conditions which form a rich, textured, multi-layered way of life that is found no where else!

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert - Galveston, TX
The Magical Island Kingdom is not a small town, and it is nothing like a suburb! It is a small urban city of about 35,000 people. West of it, on The Island, are the newer houses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and beach houses that have little in common with what goes on in the "East End". The East End is where the magic happens!
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
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The environment in the Magical Island Kingdom offers residents something of a refuge from the madness of 21st Century life in America. It gives them a taste of the charm and graciousness of living in the 19th Century. They are surrounded by the pieces of that life that remain; magnificent churches, grand places of business, stately homes, ornate iron work, white picket fences, brick and stone walkways, and canopies of Live Oaks, that set the tone and atmosphere of their daily life. At the same time, they are able to fully experience and enjoy the good things that life offers in the 21st Century.

East End Live Oaks - Galveston. TX
Live Oaks

People from all around the world have made the decision to call this Magical Island Kingdom their home! It is a place populated by a real hodgepodge of quirky, extraordinary, eccentric; and yet "ordinary" people. Their common bond seems to be the absurdity and wonderment of living in a Magical Island Kingdom, that sits on a very large sandbar, out in the Gulf of Mexico; one that was under 25 feet of water, one weekend in September 1900! Many people have no interest in this way of life, and pass on by on their way to the bright lights and glitz of other places, and the residents breathe a sigh of relief each time they do! Those people are like the many ships that sail past The Harbor each day on their way to the big city to the north.

The history and environment of the Magical Island Kingdom does make the residents a little loopy, so don't bother to ask a local why they are parking on the sidewalk in front of their favorite bar. They think it's perfectly normal! And in Galveston, it is! This is not a place where people pay much attention to the rules of "proper society", and many ignore the law altogether, at least some of the time. There is nothing Utopian in life here, either; it is real, it is gritty, it is rich, and it includes all of the normal failings, weaknesses and problems brought on by "human nature"! In fact, some of the things that people do here can drive you crazy; but it's never boring!

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Galveston Island has over 32 miles of beaches, and some of the best are inside the boundaries of The Magical Island Kingdom. Fortunately, due to its compact size, the beach is never more than a few blocks south of any location. In addition, it is the ONLY place in America where an historical Southern city sits right on the beach. This means that Galveston is NOT a typical beach town, but a small 19th-Century city, upgraded with today's conveniences, and integrated with modern structures. This creates a totally unique cityscape, which is made up of hundreds of historic homes, a vibrant historical downtown area, an active port and one of the busiest ship channels in the world; set on the eastern end of The Island!

The Port and Ship Channel are the home to cruise ships, freighters, tankers, ro-ro ships, tugs, crew boats, supply boats, barges, shrimp boats, commercial fishing boats and oil rigs; along with private pleasure boats! Their comings and goings create an active and yet peaceful energy that is a critical part of the lifeblood of this unique place.

In many ways, the downtown area, known as The Strand, is the heart and soul of The Magical Island Kingdom. In the mid-to-late Nineteen Century, this thriving business district generated the tremendous wealth that built this city. Here, Galveston's businessmen created one of the finest examples of commercial Victorian architecture anywhere in the country! Today, it has been transformed into the home of over 95 shops, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, antique stores, boutiques, coffee shops, souvenir stores and art galleries; as well as many offices, apartments and lofts. It is also the center of a rich and diverse live music and art scene.

The original designers of the City of Galveston chose to make the lots quite small, except in a few outlying neighborhoods, which were called "out lots". Therefore, most houses have very small yards, and even grand mansions have small grounds in proportion to their size. The size and scale of the streets and the yards, and the close proximity of the houses and buildings, is what gives the Island Kingdom its "urban" feel, even with its small population. This is what makes it ideal for walking, strolling or biking, but nothing is more than 10-15 minutes away by car!

East End Historic District - Galveston, TX
East End Historic District

This design is also why the rows of buildings create "outdoor rooms", which produce the sense of being "intimately enclosed", in a protected environment. In addition, in the residential neighborhoods, some of the streets are sheltered by impressive canopies of Live Oak trees that form a kind of majestic alcove that encloses those beneath their limbs, and creates a special feeling of comfort and tranquility!

The myriad list of events & activities available range from the tranquil and relaxing, to the lively and invigorating. This Yin and Yang of life in The Magical Island Kingdom provides the opportunity to do such things as: sit on the Ship Channel for hours watching the ships roll by (Yin), and then move on to a high-energy Rock & Roll experience at the beach, or in a 19th-Century Club (Yang); spend the afternoon surfing (Yang), and then have a lazy dinner at the Harbor, as the sun is setting over the water (Yin); or bicycle down the Seawall (Yang), and then catch a play at the 1894 Grand Opera House (Yin).

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And, all of this is available, within a few blocks, and/or a few minutes in time. This is the range and nature of the Peak Experiences available in:

"The Magical Island Kingdom of Galveston;
in the Land of ZZ";
where we"Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler"!!!

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